The APEX Team

Ryan Reynolds - Owner


Ryan can be classified as a seasoned vet in the guiding/outfitting game. With over 15 years experience as guide and business owner, Ryan has hunted all across Canada. With several National Calling Championships under his belt, Ryan is at home in the field talking birds into the spread

Eric Gryba - Owner


Born and raised on Saskatchewan soil, and in rinks across the country, Eric has made a career for himself as an NHL player. His passion off the ice is clearly the outdoors, as he spends all the time he can hunting and fishing, while hosting his TV show Grilling with Gryba on Wild TV. 

Andrew Rochon - House Chef


Andrew is the perfect example of  a "Camp Cook". We call him our in house chef for a reason... with the balance of a fine dining background and passion for the field and water, he brings a 5 star meal experience with a twist of the wilderness. Food will not be a let down on your trip with APEX. 

Braden Kushner - Waterfowl Killing Technician


Another APEX team member born and raised with Saskatchewan soil on his boots. Braden knows all there is to know about chasing waterfowl in our zones after growing up just down the road from the lodge. He has hunted the entire area all his life. 

Jamie French - Waterfowl Killing Technician


Jamie is from the land of potatoes, red dirt and true blue waterfowl assassins.... Prince Edward Island. Jamie comes with years of experience in the field and finding birds. Combine that with a good sense of humor and you have yourself the perfect storm for a waterfowl guide. 

The APEX Retrievers

Bruce - aka "Bat dog"


Bruce is a two year with the experience of a 6 year old under his belt. Doesn't matter if you are looking for a shotgun rider, a cuddle buddy or need a sailer picked up Bruce is happy to help with any of those chores. A product of Trinity Oak Labs and a son to Hall of Fame dog "Flame" 

- Owned by Ryan Reynolds

Major - aka 'Major Pain"


Major is fresh to the team from the big state of Kansas and a product of Gypsumcreek Retrievers. He makes friends with everyone and cannot get enough of retrieving. This boy puts on a show in the field. 

- Owned by Ryan Reynolds